Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Despite being totally exhausted from our trip halfway around the world, we decided it would be blasphemy to NOT go to the lake on Memorial Day weekend. So, Friday after work and Eli's ENT appointment, we loaded up the car and headed south.

Jake hasn't been in a pool since last year. Last year, he was still very hesitant in the water, so we weren't hoping for much improvement this early in the summer. We were PLEASANTLY surprised! After warming up to the idea of jumping in freezing cold water, he was all over it! I think this summer will prove to be much for enjoyable for that guy!

Eli on the other hand- not so much. The water was way too cold for his taste, so he and I just hung out pool side eating goldfish and sipping on our ice cold water.

Uncle Gart's brother, Cary, and his family were there too. They have three boys- 11, 9, and 6. So, Jake had plenty of entertainment!

No trip would be complete without a little drama! Jake decided Eli needed to be locked in the bedroom. Jake wasn't aware that there isn't a key to the bedroom, so we had to take the door knob off to get Eli out. Boys will be boys, I suppose!

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