Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sweet Boys

I have two sweet boys. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of fights, screams, screaming "MINE" and tears over taken toys. BUT, I have two sweet boys.

Jake has been praying for this brother a lot lately. Praying "his cough gets all better," or praying that he "stops all that yelling." I, personally, appreciate that second one. Jake has also gotten much better at helping Eli do things without it ending in someone screaming and crying.

Eli gives sloppy, wet kisses and will randomly come up behind me to hug my legs. He loves to bring me books to read but only if he can sit in my lap! :)

But I also have two funny guys!
Eli has an Elmo book he loves. In the story, Elmo is looking for his ball. There are pieces you remove to look for the ball, and eventually you find it under a piece on the last page. This week, Eli brought me the book. As I started to read it... "Elmo's looking for his ball..." Eli screams- "No" and quickly turns to the back page to show me the ball. Then, slams the book shut and walks off. Guess he is over that one! Ha

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