Thursday, October 3, 2013

Always his momma

I spent the day with boys... Running errands, fighting with swords, giving piggy back rides and cleaning up after snack. The days that look like today are some of the most exhausting days I have- but by far the best!
Greg was gone to a meeting, so after the rush of bath time and bedtime routines, I was worn out and ready to sit down. BUT, like every other night- Jake was adamant we read two books. At first, I wanted to bargain him down to just one. But, I have learned with this one- his endurance for debate is much greater than mine.
So, we read our two books, said our prayers and did our good night kisses. As I was turning out the lights, he called me back to his bed. As I leaned in, he says, "mommy, when I am all grown up and 25, will you please still be my mommy?"
Ahhhhhh.... Be still my heart. I love that boy.

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