Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ferguson Christmas 2013

One.More.Christmas.   It's been a VERY busy week(s).  I have been chanting themes of gratefulness in my head so as not to complain about all the holiday chaos.  We're beyond blessed - like the kind of blessed you can't put into "blogger words."  Family on top of family on top of family to visit…. all who love us and our children.  I have a friend who fosters little babies right here in Arkansas that have the exact opposite problem - no family.  So, when I start to feel pulled too many directions and exhausted from the preparation for family Christmas, I remember all the little Arkansas b
abies with no family to fuss over them.  Then…. I realize my First World Problems are soooooo petty.  So, in the spirit of gratefulness….. here are the pictures from our Ferguson Christmas.

 "Baby Jake" - Jake Thornton (age 2)

 Jake (4), Eli (1), Jackson (4)
 Gabriel (2-1/2) and Eli (1)
 Eli (1) and Baby Jake (2) - enjoying some candy together! 
 Eli, Baby Jake and Big Jake - Everyone stops for a picture when bribed with candy!

Left Pic:  Eli (1), Baby Jake (2) and Gabriel (2-1/2)          Right Pic: Eli (3 mos), Gabe (9 mos), Baby Jake (6 mos)

 Dadoo and most of his grand babies!  
 Aunt Peggy pulled a fast one on baby Jake - put his soccer balls in his shirt! :)
Jake and Jackson enjoying a movie while the grown ups played Dirty Santa!

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