Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Eli!

Sweet, sweet Eli.... You turn two this week, and my heart beats fast to think about it. I guess, we have to officially call you a toddler now.

You are such a sweet, funny, smart little boy! You laugh A LOT! Sometimes you belt out this hearty, grown man laugh, and we all bust out laughing. You smile and wave to people in the grocery store and give your teachers at school sweet kisses.

As for sleep--- well, Eli, this is an area of opportunity for ya, bud. About three months ago, you decided to keep us on our parenting toes. After several weeks of grief, you've finally gotten back into an easy routine. This, Eli, is the best gift you can ever offer your mommy. Keep up the good work!

You are so incredibly smart. You are always problem solving. I love to sit back and watch you figure things out. You can count to 12, know your colors, most shapes and are learning your letters. Your teacher, Ms Dodi, praises you for your use of words. It's always a blessing to have a toddler use words to describe feelings... Rather than teeth, for example. (Jake's two year old preferred method of communication).

Your favorite things..... Fruit, yogurt, milk, Jake, grandparents, hide and seek, the book One Sheep, Blue Sheep, racing your brother, the trampoline, and little tiny figurines.

This next year will be one of exploration for you! You'll learn to run faster, climb higher and play harder. I can't wait to see the world trough your precious eyes!

Happy Birthday, sweet E!

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