Monday, March 10, 2014

Things to remember...

If you are a young parent, you have been told COUNTLESS times by older parents that you really must write the funny things down your kids say.  So - this blog is where I try to do that.

Last night, Jake and were reading a book about Jesus - its supposed to be the Gospel written for children.  Jake is definitely on the younger end of its intended readers, but its a good book and allows him to ask questions. Well, last night, we were reading about Jesus dying on the cross and then raising on the third day.  We talked about why we have Easter every year and the significance of what Jesus did for us on the cross.  Obviously, he had lots of questions about Jesus' resurrection.  So, I did the best I could - which you realize how poorly you explain that when you are asked to explain it to a child.  Thankfully, Jake has the child-like faith the bible calls us to have - and that faith expands to what I tell him too.

So - here's the back story - while in Marion last weekend, Jake found a remote control helicopter.  Unfortunately, the battery was "dead."  So, after hearing the gospel and talking through his questions, Jake says - "OHHHHH!! I know!!!  That helicopter was just waiting for Easter to come back to life."  

I have some more work to do.

A little throw back picture of my first born!

:)  Love that sweet boy more than he'll ever really know.

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