Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 Year in Review

Well, hello there family blog! Its been a while - 7-1/2 months to be exact.  I haven't taken this long of a break from blogging, since I started this venture.  Lots of LIFE has happened since the Mother's Day update.    I'll try to capture the high points here...

May 2014 was an exciting month. In the midst of Jake's first season of t-ball, Eli being a WILD 2 year-old and Greg traveling for work, I started a new job!  I joined Grifols Biotech as a pulmonary sales rep.  I left for training at the end of May for about 10 days and left Greg juggling two little ones, a job, and coaching t-ball. Fun times!!  

Jake LOVED t-ball!  Our little team was full of 4 year olds, so let's just say we weren't the best team in the league.  Surprisingly, we improved quite a bit throughout the year and ended up "not last, " which was our goal!
 Eli wasn't as excited about baseball season as big brother. Lots of sitting on the sidelines! 

The day after I got home from 10 days of training, we left for the beach with the Veazey family.  It was the boys' first time to see the ocean and they LOVED IT!  Eli was less excited about the waves and sand, but he loved being with his cousins for a week.

We spent the rest of the summer at the lake, as usual.  The boys still love the pool more than the lake, but I am guessing that will start to change soon.  

Jake turned 5 in July, and we celebrated with a Ninja Turtle party.  The boys are both HUGE Ninja Turtle Fans - like HUGE.  We eat Ninja Turtle yogurt, sleep in Ninja Turtle pajamas, play with Ninja Turtle toys.  

 The fall brought cooler weather (sort of), Razorback football and Jake's first year of flag football.  The boys also both promoted to new rooms at pre-school - which meant Jake is completing his last year at Faith Baptist Academy this year.  Lots of firsts and lots of lasts... makes this momma's heart overwhelmed at times!

Flag football seemed to fly by and suddenly it was Halloween.  The boys dressed as - you guessed it - Ninja Turtles.  We had lots of friends over to trick or treat and play at our house again this year. Lots of laughs and good times!

Between Halloween and Christmas there was so much going on, I rarely pulled out my camera.  But, to recap, we went on our annual trip to Branson with both sets of grands.  We had a great time and made lots of fun memories.  We watched the Hogs turn their season around and end up in a bowl game.  And lastly, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Veazey's and the Spence's - eating way too much!  Our boys are surrounded by cousins that love and adore them, so all time with family is a blessing!

With the blink of an eye, we were in the thick of the Christmas season.  Holiday parties, Christmas Cards, Santa visits, and school programs!  The boys are both still at the same preschool - Faith Baptist Academy.  We consider this place home and adore all the teachers and staff.  Their Christmas program was so sweet!

 Jake and Jolee - buddies since the were toddling.  These two adore each other!  For the last month or so, Jake has called another little girl his girlfriend.  But, just the other day, he looks at me - out of the blue- and says, "I think Jolee is my only girlfriend.  She doesn't hug me too much and just plays with me and talks to me. Mom, I like to just sit and talk to her." Of course, I thought that was so cute, but made me wonder- what is it they talk about?  SO, I asked .... "well, mom, she does all the talking. I just listen."   And so it begins...

 Veazey Boys!  Jake, Ben and Jack.  Eli couldn't be bothered with photographs.  He was too busy loving on Allie!  (see below)

 Jake and his precious Pre-K teacher, Ms. Becca. 

Of course, all kids have school Christmas parties!  We spent the day partying it up at FBA!  Lots of sweet kiddos!  

So, there - in a whirlwind fashion - that's what we've been up to this year!  Of course, there is so much I haven't mentioned, but these are some of the highlights.  Its been such a wonderful year with these two sweet boys.  Jake, now 5-1/2 years old is so smart. He has an incredible memory and is using it to memorize God's Word.  He is nearly finished with his first Sparks Book and has memorized all the books of the new testament.  He is a funny kid with LOTS of questions.  He loves all things super hero, books and his baby brother!  

Eli, now 2-1/2 years old, is what we lovingly call a man of many emotions!   He wakes up cranky and can be full of delight in a matter of minutes!  He still loves Mickey and, of course, Ninja Turtles.  He mimics all that his brother does and loves his momma!   He loves to read and play hide and seek!

We're looking forward to Christmas next week and spending some downtime at home!

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