Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas 2014

The Christmas season flew by in a fury - as it usually does!  We've tried tirelessly to instill the REAL REASON for the season in our boys. This year, Jake made us so proud by not only telling US the Christmas story on Christmas Eve, but he also shared the entire story with his class over lunch one day.  His sweet preschool teacher captured it on video for us.

Despite the hustle and bustle, I was able to capture some sweet memories on camera!

Eli likes to look in Nana's magnified make-up mirror and say "I'm BIG!!!"
 Jake wore his Christmas handprint shirt he made at school! He said, "Mom, I need to wear this. People will think I am so cute!"

 Sweet Gabriel!
 Lots of "FUNNY FACES" at the dinner table! 

 While it might appear that Nana is getting a visit from Publisher's Clearing House, she is actually just getting her Christmas present!  Greg and his sisters surprised Nana and Dadoo with a new wooden swing!  

 Jake made his grandparents Christmas tree pictures. He work so hard on these and wanted them wrapped.  These are pictures of Dadoo and Nana opening his artwork!

 Nana and Dadoo got the boys this awesome tractor for Christmas!  Its already got quite a few miles on it!

Aunt "G" got Jake Pop Rocks! He was pretty impressed with all the exploding in his mouth.  Fun stuff!

Every Christmas Eve, Nan and Papaw (my parents) drive to Cabot to be with the boys on Christmas morning.  We meet them at our house, read the Christmas story and put out Santa's snacks!  Nan reads the boys the 'Twas the  Night Before Christmas, and its always interesting...

Nan, bless her heart stays diligent to the task.  The boys - they think the book is 16 pages too long. :)

This is Jake telling us the REAL Christmas story before bed. This boy does a fantastic job of giving all the details!

Jake made handmade Christmas tree art for Nan and Papaw too! The LOVED their special surprise!

Trying to figure out just how Santa is going to get down that chimney! We had our "fire" on (electric logs).  Eli says, "turn it off!!!" He didn't want Santa to get a warm bottom!

Christmas morning was full of unwrapping, playing and eating! My boys are so fortunate, because all four of their grandparents join them on Christmas morning!  Hopefully, this tradition will continue for a long time!

Spence and Ferguson Family Christmas up next....

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