Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 weeks today!

Its hard to believe, but its been three weeks since our little guy was born. Its been both the shortest and longest three weeks of my life. On the one hand, it seems to fly by, with Jake changing every day. On the other hand, the lack of sleep makes it seem like the longest three week ever!

Jake had his first trip to Hot Springs this weekend...of course he's still a bit young to be hitting the lake! :) We just hung out in the condo and watched the water. Other than that, he's just hanging out at home with mom. We have sarted venturing out in the stroller early in the morning and in the evening right before dark. He seems to really like it...on most days! Jake definitely has his moments of fussiness, where he'll change his mind on you in a flash! We end up just rushing back home when the screaming starts. We've even been known to just let Dad pick him up and walk back home! I'm sure the neighbors get a kick out of that.

Here are a few picks of our little one...

Greg's grandpa holding Jake

My nephew, Hunter, meeting Jake for the first time

My niece, Ashton, and Jake

Waking Pappaw up from a nap with Jake

Tummy time---usually lasts 5 minutes!

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