Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jake's First Razorback Game

Today, we took Jake to his first Razorback game in Fayetteville. I'll be honest; I thought it was a TERRIBLE idea. I just knew he would throw a fit to get down and walk around. I thought for sure he would pull the lady's hair out that sits in front of us. I was certain that he would scream when we made him sit in our laps the entire time. I WAS SO WRONG!

We arrived late and didn't have time to do any tailgating, but our good friends, Grant and Paula, waited on us at the tailgate before going in. We were able to leave the stroller in the car and head to the game. Jake was soooooo sleepy at this point. No morning nap. So, we got in, got seated and the Hogs had taken the field. Jake did a little lookin' around and checking things out, and by the middle of the first quarter he was OUT. I held him while he slept - which was until halftime. Then, he woke up just in time to see the band play and watch a little bit of the 3rd quarter.

The announcer notified the crowd that lightning, hail and rain were about 15 minutes out, so we took off. Greg headed to the car with Jake via shuttle, while I ran to the tailgate to get the stroller. By the time I had the stroller, the shuttles were gone. So, I had to book it on foot to the car. Sadly, I didn't make it before the bottom fell out. I was running along side of the road with a stroller in the pouring rain. SO, picture it - I'm pushing a stroller down the road in POURING RAIN by myself. YOU WOULD THINK that some descent people would stop and offer a ride to someone pushing a stroller (granted I didn't have a baby in there- but they didn't know that -the canopy was up on the stroller). I'm VERY disappointed in my fellow Razorback fans.

Regardless of the abrupt ending to our game, Jake had a great time and was a complete angel.

Go Hogs Go!

Razorbacks 38
Rebel Black Bears 24

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