Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wedding Bells for Hillary

A good friend of mine from my college days got married last weekend in Missouri. Hillary's wedding was BEAUTIFUL, and she was a gorgeous bride. The icing on the cake was seeing all my other old roomies from college too. It was a reuniting of "the Big Blue House" (minus 1). "The Big Blue House" was just that....a big blue house. I, along with my four closest friends, lived in this house during college, and those days in that house are still some of my fondest memories from those days. Our "minus one" is Krystal, who now lives in Finland. For those readers unfamiliar with world geography - that's the NORTH POLE!

Anway, the wedding was so much fun and Hillary, Sarah, Katy and I got to hang out most of the day on Saturday. Fortunately, our husbands are friends too, so its always a good time when we're together.

Meanwhile, Jake was living it up with the grandparents in Marion. He loves them so much, and I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact they give into all his wants and let him eat chips and dip in the car! :)

Can you imagine the mess?

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