Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Loves

A friend of mine, who also blogs, found a great idea from a friend of hers... "Wednesday Loves." Its a quirkly little idea to blog on Wednesdays about what you "love." I have no intentions to do it every Wednesday, but thought it would be a cute idea to do every now and then!

This Wednesday Love for me...

BETH MOORE! I think her bible studies are soooo great. She is a fabulous southern woman with charm, wit and humor! I learn so much from her with every study I do and think she is just so cute! Right now, I'm doing a study called "A Woman's Heart" with my LifeGroup ladies and am really enjoying it.

If you haven't done a Beth Moore study, you should definitely check it out!

Beth Moore, Living Proof Ministries:

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  1. Thanks for the blog suggestions, I am going to check those out! I did the same thing with Bring the Rain, even bought her book! I am also going to look into Beth Moore:)