Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Talking Twos

So they say that its the “terrible twos” and believe me, we’ve had glimpses of that. But, for the most part – keep your fingers crossed- Jake’s been a lot of fun.  He talks NON-STOP.   Dinner has become a lot of fun, because he’ll tell us about his day, talk about Elmo – his hero, and tell us everything he’s learned lately.  For example, this week, after dinner, Jake begins to tell us that Mrs. Deborah and Mrs. Susan told him he was in trouble.  These are the administrators at his school, so I knew if they got involved it must have really been trouble.  Well, turns out – it was the day before, but I guess he felt he had to come clean!  (By the way, it was biting…shocker!)

my dad rocks

He is also learning sooooo much.  Just today, he told me that a stop sign is an octagon!  My mouth dropped!  He knows triangles, circles, squares and rectangles as well.  He knows his colors, all of his ABCs and recognizes most letters in the alphabet when he sees them.  He can count to 13, but has difficulty actually “counting” objects.  Anything after 2 is basically 10.  And for some strange reason, he hates the number 6.  He’ll usually just skip it and then say – "I  no like 6.” 

jake playhouse2

He is coming along with the potty. Thank goodness--- we’re on a timeline here. I would love to have him using the potty on a regular basis by the time his baby brother arrives.  He gets “pennies” if he goes at home.  That’s Jake code for M&Ms.  At school, his reward is getting to wash his hands by himself.  Yea, we’re a little more fun at home! Smile

Its been a super busy month at the Veazey house, and we’re lining out to have an even busier holiday season.  I’ve got lots of travel coming up and Greg is in full swing with his new job.  Baby #2 (still no name) will be here the first week of February, so we’re closing in on that event pretty quickly.  We’re currently in the “Big Boy Room Makeover” mode, so there should be pictures of that soon.  I bought Jake a bunk bed and its currently in 20 pieces in the floor.  We’ll wait on some help from Dadoo before we tackle that project. 

So in the midst of all this work, we’ve had some fun too. We took a family trip to Branson for Jake’s official first vacation. We went to Silver Dollar City and stayed in a beautiful cabin.  My parents joined us for the trip, and next year we’ll get to have Greg’s parents too.  They were farming this year.  We had a GREAT time.  Jake absolutely loved the “half-dollar hollar” section for little ones and even rode a ride or two.  Someone told us that the “Fire in the Hole” ride would be great for him, so we did it.  ITS NOT FOR TWO YEAR OLDS.  He didn’t cry, but as soon as we got off he said – “I no like.” 

mom dad jake at sdc 2jake and papaw at sdc

jake in the playhousejake nan playhouse2

nan and papaw at scdjake daddy elephants2

sdc strollersdc asleep

We also made a pass through the Arkansas State Fair this year. We took Jake to see the animals and even had our “fair” share of deep fried food!  The deep fried Oreo was YUMMY!!!  

jake and daddy at the fair

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