Monday, November 14, 2011

Kids say the funniest things…

Everyone keeps telling me to write down all the funny things Jake says, and I can’t think of a better place than the blog! I really do plan to have it all printed and bound into a book someday….someday….

So, let’s see…  I took Jake to Holiday House with me this weekend to do a little shopping. He was a TROOPER!  Well, on the way out, he saw “Ho Ho,” (or Santa to other kids) and insisted we go look. Last year was a total bust in the Santa picture-opp world,  so I wasn’t even planning on trying this year.  Just a few weeks ago we saw Santa at Silver Dollar City when we were driving by and Jake ducked in the car.  So, needless to say, I thought there was no way he’d talk to Santa at Holiday House.  Well, to my surprise, he wanted to go see him. So, we strolled on over --- still thinking he’d back out. Nope. He couldn’t get out of that stroller fast enough to go see him. Of course, I had him dressed in sweats and he had pretzels all over him.  He walked right up to Santa and told him all about Elmo. As soon as Santa bent over to pick him up, Jake threw up his best “back off” hand and said “No touch, Santa, No touch.”  Then, Jake went right back to reading the book with Santa.  Hilarious.

Jake is also a big fan of the B-I-B-L-E song lately.  Only, in Jake’s version you scream “BIBLE” at the end at the top of your lungs. Of course, for those that don’t speak toddler, it just sounds like he’s screaming “Play Ball!”  Again, hilarious!

Jake also tells me “good job, mom” all the time. If I fix Elmo, he says “good job, mom.”  If I give him milk, “good job, mom.”  He’s so supportive! 

Greg was trying to talk to Jake about going potty the other night and Jake said, “cheer up, Daddy!”  Hilarious.

He is truly an amazing child, and I am so grateful everyday that God is allowing me to be his mom.  Life flies by , and I am trying to just enjoy every sweet moment with Jake!  Soon, he’ll be a big brother and our lives will be even crazier!  

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