Sunday, January 15, 2012

Squeezing it all in….

Hard to believe, but little Eli will be here in just 24 days. WOW! So, we’ve been busy lately trying to squeeze as much into the month of January as humanly possible!  Well, maybe not that much – but a lot for our boring, little family!

My parents and grandmother came to see us the first weekend of January and brought Roxy back to Cabot. She had been in Marion since Christmas, and I am sure was a little disappointed to be back here. She gets tons of attention in Marion (and table food), so its just back to the daily grind around here for her.  Jake loved having his Nan here for the day.  My mom and Jake played and played, and he even convinced her to get inside of his Thomas the Train tent with him.   I don’t have a picture of it, but just trust me in saying that is no easy feat.  Its NOT that big of a tent and I feel certain there is no way I would fit in it right now.  Nan is a real trooper!

Greg and I also got to take a quick trip to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl!  We drove down on Friday morning and came back Saturday afternoon, so it was a quick get-a-way, but well worth it! The Hogs brought home a big win, and we got to see the Cowboys’ new stadium. UNBELIEVEABLE!  To explain the picture below--- during the first half, the GIGANTIC screen you see in the picture on bottom captured an image of the crowd at Cowboy Stadium. Later, it was posted online and you could go in and find yourself using what must be the best “zoom” imaging ever.  Because, believe me, we were just rows from the top of that monstrous stadium.  I “tagged” us with the little Razorback.  I am almost 35 weeks pregnant in this pic.

cotton bowlcotton bowl2

cotton bowl stadium

Work has been really busy for both of us.  Greg is loving his job with Boston Scientific and will leave soon for his national sales meeting. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Eli doesn’t pull any fast ones on us that week!!  My company announced a major layoff this week that will impact about 60% of our sales force. So, we’re preparing ourselves that I will most likely be looking for a different job when maternity leave is over.  We’ve turned it over to God and feel completely confident that he has a plan for our little family.

This weekend, we took Jake to the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock.They’ve been closed for almost a year renovating and this was opening weekend.  I REALLY wanted to be able to take Jake before Eli came and thought the longer we put it off, the more likely we’d not get to it.  Jake had a GREAT time!!  I highly recommend it…hence, we bought the family year-long membership.  They had a “News Set” for the kids to play with, including the real “green screen” newscasters use and a script.  Jake LOVED seeing himself on TV.  Radio/TV was his daddy’s major in college, so I’m sure it brought back some fond memories for Greg too!  I, on the other hand, did not enjoy seeing myself 36 weeks pregnant on TV. 

jake and dad tv at MOD2jake and dad tv at MOD

dad and jake at MODjake at MOD air

jake at MOD boatMOD cow

Jake and I also made a quick trip to The Wonder Place in late December, so not technically a January event, but I have pics to post!!   We met my friend Helen and her sweet girl, Madison, there one morning.  I was off of work after Christmas and wanted to take advantage of the one-on-one time with Jake.  We had a great time watching the kids play, and Jake and I met Daddy afterwards for Mexican!

jake wp waterhelen and madison wp

Helen was trying to get Madison fed before they got on the road home! What a great time for a “back of the SUV picnic!” 

We’ve got a busy second half of January as well! Greg leaves next Friday for his annual pheasant hunt. Jake and I will go to his cousin’s birthday party, a couple of baby showers with friends, Greg’s National Sales Meeting in Florida and a continuation of potty training boot camp! ha!

Eli will be here before we know it!!! 

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