Saturday, June 30, 2012

Facing the Giant

A few months ago, Jake developed a fear of Giants. We weren't really sure where he encountered a "giant," but nonetheless- they were his fear. He would tell us they lived in gutters and potholes and on occasion he we wake from a bad dream talking about giants.
Well, about a week ago, he said "mommy, giants aren't scary!" So, who knows what turned him??? This morning, we decided to take the giant breakfast. In all actuality, it was an excuse to get out of the house at 8 am after 24 hours of stomach virus! (yuck)
Jake decided the giant eats crackers and needed a letter to leave him. Jake dictated while I scribed... "dear giant, eat your crackers and make good choices! Love, Jake"

Taking out Gator to deliver the crackers to the gutter down the street! Yes- we also haul basketballs in the back!

We hope you are conquering your "giants" too! :)
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