Friday, January 25, 2013


We had Eli's one year follow up from his orthopedic doctor today. He was born with mild hip dsyplasia. We double diapered for month to try to align them correctly. When that doesn't work, most children have surgery. By the grace of God and many answered prayers, it worked for Eli. We had our follow up today and the X-rays proved him to be completely in line!!!!

I took both boys with me to children's for the appointment. I thought- hey, we will be done quickly and head to chikfila for a late breakfast. (I had peanuts for breakfast after my workout... Planning to splurge). However, Children's Hospital had different plans for my morning. We waited for two hours before seeing the doctor--- who read the X-ray and spent 30 seconds in our room. Despite the challenge of keeping two little ones occupied in a hospital that long, it was actually a great morning. Good report. Lots of good snacks while we waited. And a balloon from the gift shop in celebration!

It was COLD coming in from the parking lot!

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