Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 2013

This month just snuck by me. It feels like we took down the Christmas tree yesterday and it's already time for my little guy's first birthday!

So here is what I can remember from January...

Jake has started using his prayer sticks each night. Now that he is better understanding that you can pray for people ( and not just name all you are thankful for), his prayers have become so sweet. If one of his friends is sick, he prays for them to "be all better." If Daddy is going away for work overnight, he prays he "drives safe." If Eli is teething, he prays "Eli's teef are all better." I really hope this is building sympathy in him for others.

Eli is everywhere and into everything. His little heart just breaks when his daddy tells him "no!" It's so sad and funny at the same time. E had a rough month. He was sick for about a week, had a TERRIBLE diaper rash for about four days and is now cutting 5 teeth. Poor guy!

Greg won a little sales contest, so Boston Scientific is flying me out to California for a few days after their meeting. Just long enough to enjoy some down time, but not so long I worry about my boys. Pictures to come!

We are back in full swing with preschool, church, work and hopefully a few Razorback basketball games. Pictures of Eli's big first birthday to come soon!

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