Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a FANTASTIC Easter. In our house, we’ve decided to not emphasize the Easter bunny too much.  We’ll read Peter Cottontail once or twice and even wave at the Easter bunny at the mall, but we really don’t talk much about it.  Thankfully, Jake is surrounded by people who talk about what Easter is really about… our RISEN savior!  He learns the true meaning at school, home and church.  Hopefully, this is planting a seed in him, and soon Eli, that will prove fruitful later in his life.

Of course, we started the morning with a couple of Easter treats – mostly just small toys—for the boys.  Then, we got all gussied up to go to church.  I – being a typical momma- wanted a picture of our little family before we were covered in goldfish and play dough.  Sheesh….. this picture thing gets harder by the minute around here.  Jake turns into a possessed clown and Eli arches his back and throws himself on the ground.  Trust me – it makes for awesome pictures. Nonetheless- we powered through and captured the moment. 





By this last picture, we were ALL over the whole thing.

After church, we headed to Carlisle to see Greg’s family.  Lots of hunting eggs, eating and playing basketball later, we headed home for an early bedtime.



DSC_0082 (2)



Our pastor preached about the crucifixion and resurrection….how Jesus GAVE his life for us – the Romans did not TAKE it.  Wow – what a sacrifice.  Happy Easter!!  

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