Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jake's First Soccer Game

A lot has happened since my last post!  Jake started Soccer this year. He plays in a 6 and under league and is the only 3 year old on his team.  I was worried he might not keep up and feel a little overwhelmed, but we decided to try it anyway. I'm so glad we did! He loves being out there with the other kids and several parents have commented on how great he is doing at just 3 years old.  **Proud Momma**  Of course, Eli just enjoys being outside and watching all the kids play.

His first game was so much fun for all of us.  Both sets of grandparents came, along with Aunt Angie and Madison.  Jake was a bit shy at first, but was right in the thick of things after a quarter or two.
 Practice has been fun to watch too.  This week, Jake was so excited to tell his daddy that he was "playing defense."  Then, he says, "Dad, what's that mean?"  Greg is helping coach and is doing great!!  It truly is a lesson in patience for the adults.... I liken it to herding cats- only worse!

In other news, Eli is walking full time now.  He started cruising around 11 months and got up the nerve to take a few steps on his own at 13 months.  Just a few weeks later and he was a full time walker.  His ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing to do is be outside. He will stand at the door and cry to go out.  He and Jake both love to go for walks.  Jake is riding his bike and big wheel now, so he prefers to take those on our strolls around the neighborhood.  Meanwhile, Eli thinks riding in the wagon is a little slice of heaven.

Devastated he has to come inside!
I just adore these ages. Don't get me wrong - its physically exhausting most days and can be emotionally exhausting on days my boys are testing me.  BUT, they are precious.  Last night, during bedtime prayers, Jake said - "Mom, I can't pray for you every night. Other people have to get a turn too."  This sweet boy prays before all meals and at bedtime. I just know God is going to do big things with Jake!

Both boys are enjoying the time on the soccer field!

At the doctor with a double ear infection, but still enjoying life!

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