Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Loves

Well, first let me say that I had every intention of doing a blog post between these two Wednesday Loves posts .... but it didn't happen! Starting this new job has kept me B.U.S.Y!! So, here's what I am loving this week. (Anyone who has talked to me about something other than work has heard me talking about this!) The Deep Covered Baker by Pampered Chef

I went to a Pampered Chef part about two months ago and decided to give this magical baker a try! You can use it in the microwave and cook just about anything in 15 minutes or less. I was skeptical at first - I mean, chicken in the microwave....gross. But, it is actually delicious. So far, I have made chicken enchiladas (sooo yummy), pork tenderloin, and a mexican cornbread dish. I used fresh ingredients and prep, cooking, eating and cleaning all took place in about an hour. CRAZY! I highly recommend the Deep Covered Baker!

But wait, there is MORE (I mean, this is already sounding like an infomerical - so why not just go all out). You can use this piece in the oven as well. Its not dishwasher safe and you can't use soap in it, but I hear the longer you have it - the better it works. Its stone on the inside, so everything you cook seasons it a bit more. Its a bit pricey at $85, but seriously - so worth it! If you do, in fact, decide to take the plunge, send me a message and I'll get you my recipes. Hopefully, I'll get off my bum and put some new Jake pictures up this weekend!

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