Friday, December 7, 2012

Dallas trip 2012

My dad's side of the family rotates Christmas every year. This year, we headed down to Dallas! I was a little nervous traveling such a long way and coming right back with two little ones, but there is lots to do and we made plans to cram it all it!

We left Friday morning early, but we made a two hour stop at Chikfila in Texarkana. The idea was to "wear them out" so they would sleep the rest of the way. FAIL!!!!!

Jake did make a friend though. This little girl is TOUGH! She let Jake rough-house with her and laughed the whole time. When we were leaving, Jake looked at me and said -"wait...I need to tell my girlfriend bye!" He got lots of "awwwws" from the other moms in the play area! Cutie!

Well, as I said - major fail on the sleeping front. So, we resorted to me sitting in the back with the kids playing "entertainer" for 2 hours. I swear- Jake asks SOOOOO many questions!

Friday night, we went to LegoLand and to dinner. Jake and Eli both enjoyed Legoland!

We had a fantastic dinner and headed back to the hotel to ride the "alligator." (Jakes term for elevator). The kids both got in bed really late... But fun times were had by all! In fact -Maybe too much fun!

More on the rest of the trip soon!


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