Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Bible through Jake's Eyes

Jake makes us laugh just about every day with something he says or does... as I imagine most parents of three year olds would say. Tonight, I was reading to Jake before bed. In true three year old fashion, he asked approximately 1,000 questions about the first book. Our standard routine is for me to read the book first and then Jake "reads" it to me. After I finished, Jake said "I don't know this one. I will pick another book out for me to read." (ie-one he has memorized). He chose his little picture bible book.

Here's Jake's interpretation:

God made the whole "earf."
He said "it is bery good."

Adam and Eve ate an apple they weren't supposed to. They made a bad choice and that snake is mean. They didn't wear any clothes. But, the kids in the pumpkin book can eat apples. Jesus said ok.

Noah built an ark. It rained for 40 days and he put all the animals on the boat. He got all the animals off when the rainbow came. According to Jake- the animals used a big slide to get of that boat.

The girls (Pharaoh's daughter) found the baby in the water. They weren't mean girls.

Jesus gave Moses the rules on that mountain. He said to be nice and don't say "poo poo" unless you need to potty.

Jesus told the people to march, march, march. Then there was a hole in the wall. (Wall of Jericho)

Goliath was a BBIIIGGG giant. David had five rocks. He used one to beat Goliath. David's not scared.

Baby Jesus was born in a manger. Three boys brought him presents, but they aren't Santa.

John was Jesus' friend. He put him in the water. They had their clothes on so they will get dirty.

The End.

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