Thursday, January 10, 2013

Developing a Prayer Warrior

We pray with Jake each night before bed. Typically, he thanks Jesus for his mommy and daddy, eating and whatever fun activity he did that night. Nothing wrong with that!! However, we are trying to teach Jake that he can talk to Jesus about anything. He is learning in Sunday School that he can ask Jesus for help if he is scared. We are also trying to help him understand that he can pray for others. It's all a little difficult and abstract for a three year old.
Sooooo.... Enter Pinterest! :)
Jake and I made prayer sticks tonight. We put pictures of people we care about on Popsicle sticks. They now sit in a cup beside his bed and each night he can choose 2. We will pray for those people that night. Hopefully this will help it seem a little more concrete.
So--- if you have any specific prayer request- send them Jake's way!

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  1. Love this idea! What a great way to teach him... although I'm sure you're doing a great job even without the sticks :)